Friday, June 26, 2009

Space Monkeys

Once upon a time, we sent monkeys into space. Sad and creepy. But necessary and insanely heroic of the monkeys, I suppose. Not that they knew what they were up to...

Not entirely sure what we learned from the first monkeys we sent up, but I'm terrified to imagine what went through that monkey's mind during the entirety of the ordeal. Pictures and more from National Geographic.

Thomas Doyle

Art by Thomas Doyle. Fantastic.


More completely true and insane pictures and renderings here. What a crazy town they have built from nothing in the desert. Courtesy of DL at work.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Scanwiches. Simple, brilliant, and I never gave it its proper due. View the entire gallery, I've only selected those which I'm pretty sure I've sampled.

Also, bonus material: at ED's prompting, I hunted down someone who hunted down the home of the Teamster sandwich from 30 Rock. Go forth and annoy the locals!


For those of you who still, inexplicably, care, I'm trying something new on Twitter.

The first premise is this: I really have not yet found a remotely interesting use for Twitter, either as a platform for me to communicate or for me to passively observe.

Secondly, everything about Twitter seems to demand something much more high concept than what it is being used for.

Thirdly, I apologize in advance if you must unfollow me, for a while or forever.

Fourthly, this will involve Shakespeare. And although my first thought was Richard III, RM smartly dissuaded me. My next thought was The Tempest, but, shockingly, the bookstore was out, and this starts tonight or never. So it will be Much Ado About Nothing.

Fifthly, while the initial thought was a line by line recount of the play on Twitter, that seems perhaps too obnoxious. So this will be a close reading with selected lines tweeted, but with no tweets to interrupt.

Finally, the near-restoration of workplace sanity means that hopefully both my consumption of good stuff in the world (food, drinks, movies, music) and reporting back will increase, as will, I hope, a marked uptick in actually trying to be interesting again... over the standard channels. This blog. The other blog. Flickr. Now this Twitter nonsense. Not Facebook. And Email.

Rave: Tell No One

Tell No One. French. Suspenseful. Economical storytelling. Lyric. Worth it, highly recommended.

Toy Camera Fun

Massive, massive enjoyment from Takayuki Fukatsu's iPhone camera apps, particularly Quad Camera, Toy Camera, and Old Camera. Worth many times the collective $5, and thank you sir!

Also, as always, photos can be found on Flickr.

2012 Olympic Posters

Very nice, courtesy MP at work. For more, see Ministry of Type.

Wes Anderson Film Festival

The fake Wes Anderson Film Festival by Alex Cornell, courtesy RM. Great concept, lovely execution.

Casette Tape Art

Very cool. Via user iri5 on Flickr, courtesy MR at work.