Sunday, August 3, 2008

La Cabina

A few comments on this one. First, about YouTube and user-generated content sites, in general. Aside from the fact that the landscape of content on these sites, and the internet in general, is populated by an astonishing amount of total, crap, whose worth and total meaning I'm not sure we'll ever fully get our minds around enough to appreciate, I am often pleased that some otherwise forgotten gem has found new purchase through on the democratic plains of the Internet.

Second and third, on this marvelous little film that RM brought to my attention. I always enjoy watching films, often of an earlier period, that are able to so simply and subtly convey a fairly complex set of ideas and emotions (humor, absurdity, dread) without recourse on a verbal narrative. The true power of the camera in telling a story. It seems a forgotten art, in today's cinema, at times.

And I always enjoy art, often seemingly of an earlier time, and often of different countries, that so gleefully embrace existential dread as something fundamental to be grappled with in modern society. That some small choice lacking in distinction can ensnare you in the most awful of moments. The mocking of children, the lack of sympathy from your friends and neighbors, no acknowledgment or recognition of your condition from passersby, and a steady, uncontrollable journey to meet a fate you did not desire and could not imagine. Brutal.

La Cabina is dark and funny and, in the end, a little ridiculous. But well worth watching, parts 1-4.

Costumed Croquet in Golden Gate Park

For MM's birthday, 2006.

Anatomy of a Socially Awkward Situation

Quick shout-out to SA, HR, and JW for the charming and funny shorts they have been creating, illustrating the Anatomy of a Socially Awkward Situation. Check out the videos. I especially like the touch of skeeviness at the end of episode 4, "Baby Busted."

The Art of the Title

The Art of the Title, a site that collects opening and closing title sequences of films and TV shows. The archive isn't quite full yet, but certainly enough of interest initially, and hopefully, continued posting of great title sequences.