Saturday, September 20, 2008

Justice Stress

I am not particularly a fan of Justice, but DL sent around a link to the video for "Stress" from his trip to BUG 09 in London and, having not seen the video before, damn. Pretty raw stuff, even if contrived for the video. I guess I'll relate the strange and senseless act of violence that I was tangentially involved in a few weeks ago, but living in New York city in 2008, sometimes you forget that the world can still be a pretty bleak and violent place.

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Anonymous said...

alright so for a moment i thought the video was real. but then i noticed there was a scene where they show the stolen car driving down the highway. If this was just a guy with a camera following this crew, how did they get that scene - which was taken from another car? so, well its still raw...

Ritik, are you in NYC or SF?