Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pechu Kucha

"The result, in the hands of masters of the form, combines business meeting and poetry slam to transform corporate cliché into surprisingly compelling beat-the-clock performance art."

Yeah, right. Well, actually, I'm intrigued. Although I'm never sure why PowerPoint became the subject for art. Oh, right. It started as a joke.

Truth is, given that I live regularly with the form (and hate it), I think that the poetry slam transformation of a business meeting should become a de facto standard in the meeting rooms of the world. What is a virtuoso performance? Say what you want, quickly, directly, and get the hell out. We'd be better for it, and less spiteful of our jobs. Come on, America!

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eno said...

I've heard Daniel Pink speak a couple times, and enjoy his perspective, especially since I work for a Japanese company. Thank god I'm not subjected to the torture of making my points with PowerPoint, though I'm not sure why.. I'm sure some young hotshot will require it soon enough.

I couldn't help but think of my coworker, a crazy dude that does a lot of work for conventions like Otakon and AnimeNext - and he LOVES his powerpoint presentations. He takes real pride in the images, and develops new icons and images for all of his powerpoint presentations, no matter how banal.

That kind of pride can also be an answer - provided, of course, that you aren't bogged down with continually creating powerpoint presentations to make even the smallest of points.

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