Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Clark and Michael

If someone made an Internet-only series of shorts in which a 20-year old George Michael from Arrested Development and a 20-year old David Brent from The Office were best friends trying to make it as a writing team in Los Angeles, having their awkward interactions and quixotic efforts filmed and edited, in blatant rip-off of The Office, would you watch it? If one of the creators and stars of this particular effort was the adorable and so-far, so funny Michael Cera, and he was able to convince the likes of Andy Richter, Tony Hale, and David Cross to make cameos, would you watch it? Or would you just get angry? The rich get richer, and all that?

What if it was pretty good, charming and generally funny? And had a couple of nice touches, like Michael Cera throwing a couple of unseemly temper tantrums, dropping a couple of deadpan, really laddishly dirty moments, and had Clark Duke doing a great job being a 20-something L.A. wannabe-writer, drunken escapades, wrestling matches, and unwarranted hubris included? You'd have Clark and Michael. According to CNN's 2007 Top 10 lists, this was a hit, but I missed it. If you did, too, then check it out. Another good use of the internet.

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